An ASP consultant will visit your home to conduct a thorough assessment of your home; room by room in the interior, lot line to lot line on the exterior. During the assessment, the consultant will identify the top priorities that will have the largest impact on the sale of your home – for the least amount of money.

After the assessment, the ASP consultant will review the assessment with the seller and the realtor and identify the steps required to prepare the home as a staged home. Staging Innovations offers three levels of staging services:

  • Consultation Stage – Our ASP Consultant performs an assessment and identifies the top staging priorities, but the homeowners complete the staging process themselves.
  • Partnership Stage – After the assessment is complete, the homeowner completes the initial staging steps (including managing any contractors, painters, etc.); with Staging Innovations finishing the staging process.
  • Complete Staging – This is Staging Innovations most comprehensive service and we will manage the entire staging process: performing the assessment, completing all staging activities, including managing contractors, painters, etc., if they are required.

We stage occupied or vacant properties, and we can do as little or as much as you like. We want selling your house to be a stress-free experience; minimizing the time it is on the market and maximizing the sale price.